Terms of Use.

-After you are added to the training Instagram private account the payment is not paid back or moved for any reason;
-The Contractor has the right to block the account of the Client (subscriber) and terminate the Contract acting unilaterally and out of court in case of offensive, unethical, aggressive Client's behavior that is expressed in words (emails, comments or any other digital message, as well as oral speech in a telephone conversation) or actions (inflicting harm to the Resource on which the marathon is held, its digital training products and any other information that is published on the Pro.smoky account, including harm infliction to the accounts of Clients (subscribers)).
-The Client agrees and undertakes not to reproduce, repeat or copy, sell or resell, as well as not to use for commercial purposes any part of the information published on Instagram grishinawithlove account, except when such permission is given in writing to the Client by the Contractor. The same applies to digital educational products both paid and free.
-Not to give to third parties your login / password provided by the Contractor for access to paid products or services. In case of violation of this point the Contractor has the right to block or delete the Client's account, as well as the accounts of Clients to whom he has given the access to the marathon.
-To monitor the expiry date of the service or access to the product on one's own account